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Train/Car Collisions

Columbia Train Accident Lawyers


Columbia Railroad Injury Attorneys

When a car and train are in an accident, there is no doubt about which vehicle will sustain more damage. Car and train accidents are far too common in Columbia, where trains rumble through downtown two or three times a day.

The attorneys of Popowski & Shirley, P.A., are experienced in representing victims of car-and-train accidents as well as the survivors of those who died

Prompt, Intelligent Investigations

In railroad injury claims, time is of the essence. Our lawyers will move quickly to begin an investigation into any car-and-train accident cases. It is important to examine the scene of the accident and the vehicles involved and to interview any witnesses before their memories of events begin to fade.

We have an experienced investigator on retainer who can quickly obtain the information and evidence we need to establish what occurred and who is responsible for damages.

Our attorneys understand the federal laws that regulate railroads. We also know that dangerous conditions at railroad crossings can cause repeated accidents that injure, maim and kill.

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