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At the Columbia, South Carolina, personal injury law firm of Popowski & Shirley, P.A., we help workers who have suffered serious back injuries on the job obtain the full and fair compensation and benefits they deserve.

Back injuries in the workplace occur most frequently in occupations such as construction or factory work. An on-the-job back injury may also occur because of a car accident during the course and scope of one’s employment. Workers who do a lot of bending or lifting at work are also at increased risk of suffering repetitive trauma injury to the back or spine.

The Anatomy of a Serious Back Injury Case

Think about your back as a load-bearing mechanism. The lower discs carry more weight. In a low back injury, we have to think about the additional wear and tear on the nearby discs. The chances are good that a herniated disc today will lead to further complications that require long-term therapeutic and preventative care or even future back surgery.

Serious back injury cases can be complicated. When a bulging or herniated disc causes pressure on the nerves that radiate from the spine, injured workers may suffer symptoms in other parts of the body such as numbness, pain and loss of function in an arm or leg.

In the most severe cases, a back injury can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. In these cases, the injured worker is entitled to seek lifetime benefits — a weekly check for the rest of his or her life. In these cases, it is vital to contact an experienced lawyer who can help you document the injury and provide proof of the lifetime cost of a severe and permanently disabling back injury.

Experienced Help in Back Injury Cases

When seeking workers’ compensation for a back injury, it is vital to be able to document both the cause of the injury and the extent to which the injury interferes with your ability to work. The attorneys of Popowski & Shirley, P.A., have substantial experience in assisting South Carolina workers to obtain workers’ compensation benefits after a serious back injury on the job.

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