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Permanent Disabilities

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Columbia Permanent Disability & Negligence Attorneys

A serious on-the-job or work-related injury can change your life dramatically and permanently. If you have suffered a permanent disability because of an accident or injury, you need experienced legal help.

The attorneys of Popowski & Shirley, P.A., in Columbia, South Carolina, are dedicated to helping injury victims and experienced in successfully resolving extremely serious cases that result in permanent disability.

Did a fall, on-the-job injury or medical error leave you with a permanent injury? Did a car accident or work-related accident cause a spinal cord injury and permanent paralysis? Did a construction accident or on-the-job injury leave you too injured to work ever again?

Our caring team of injury lawyers will analyze the circumstances of your case and determine how best to proceed in order to help you obtain the full amount of compensation and benefits you deserve.


Some law firms only handle the personal injury portion of a permanent disability claim. Our lawyers also handle potential workers’ compensation claims. We do it all. Popowski & Shirley, P.A., is a one-stop-shop for seriously injured people.


In workers’ compensation cases, we determine the future medical needs of individuals who have suffered physical brain injury and permanent disability.

In other types of personal injury cases, we may work with a certified life care planner to determine your current and future needs, from a wheelchair to ongoing medical and rehabilitative care to current and future medication needs to help with the tasks of daily living. Once a program to address your needs is in place, we may consult with an economist who will quantify the costs involved.

We work diligently to obtain full compensation from the responsible parties and their insurance companies.

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