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Workers’ Compensation

  • South Carolina employers with four or more employees are legally required to provide workers’ compensation insurance. If you are injured at work this insurance covers your lost wages, pays your medical costs and may entitle you to an award for your permanent injury.


  • Workers’ Compensation claims can become complex very quickly requiring knowledge of statutes, regulations, case law, medical protocols, and procedure. We will help you to navigate through this complex procedure and protect your rights.


  • We will discuss the different types of settlements and help select the one which is best for you.


  • Unfortunately, Workers’ Compensation has become adversarial. The burden is on the injured worker to prove what medical care they require and how their injuries have impacted their ability to earn wages. The insurance companies and the Workers’ Compensation Commission are not your advocates. It is important that you have an attorney who understands all aspects of the Workers’ Compensation process. Mediation has become much more prevalent in Workers’ Compensation over the last several years. We have developed a network of physicians and other experts to document the effects your injuries have on your ability to work. We have been very successful in understanding the mediation process and obtaining excellent settlements.


  • We will discuss your rights beyond Workers’ Compensation. The possibility of a third-party recovery or filing for Social Security Disability. We ensure that settlement documents are drafted to maximize these benefits for you.
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The Full Range of On-the-Job Injuries

Workplace injuries may include fractures, lost limbs, lacerations, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, and injuries caused by other employees or equipment. We will determine whether you are receiving proper medical care and whether you are being fully and fairly compensated for past and future medical expenses and lost income.

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